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4 Web Design Features Your Online Store Must Have To Succeed

Today, online stores cannot afford to lose sales resulting from poor website design. Setting up a successful website means you have to follow some established best practices so you can build a functional, yet useful site. However, e-commerce sites are unique. For instance, if you deal with 412 athletic clothes, you’ll need to manage your inventory, set up a user-friendly shopping interface, and process payments. This means e-commerce sites have to follow a unique set of rules compared to typical websites. That’s considering, 97 percent of consumers always research products online before making a purchase.

For you to realize your e-commerce full potential below are four important website design features that you should focus on.

High-Resolution Images and Videos

When selling your products in a virtual space, remember that your product’s appeal is crucial to making a sale. Let’s say you sell sportswear, you must keep in mind that your customers have no way of touching or trying the products you sell before they decide to buy. All they have is the product images and a description that they connect with. Therefore, you must offer top quality videos and images of your product. That’s because all products sold online are primarily sold on their face value.


When a customer registers on your site and buys any product for your store, there’s a huge amount of personal information that’s put at risk. For this reason, users’ security and privacy are of great importance when setting up your eCommerce platform. Always ensure that you adhere to the best security practices and encryption standards to protect customers’ data. As such, eCommerce websites are often prone to attacks and that makes data protection and security even more important.

 Easy Checkout Process

Statistics have shown that 23 percent of potential buyers don’t complete their purchase process due to complicated and lengthy checkout processes. With that in mind, online stores need to set up an easy checkout system to ensure that customers can pass through their purchase processes. To get some ideas on ways you can shorten the checkout process, look at what the biggest brands are doing. This way, you’ll not only be converting potential customers into buyers but you’ll also be retaining them over time.

Order Management System

While you may offer your customers a wide range of products if you aren’t able to handle their orders well then even with freebies you cannot retain them. So, to ensure that all the post order operations work seamlessly, you must set up a good quality order management system. Also, ensure that it can manage orders as well as all the involved processes. A well-managed order system ensures that orders are fulfilled on time and you have happy customers.

As competition increases, more and more online stores are generating new ideas so their businesses can stand out and attract customers. Realize that having an attractive and unique website may not be enough. Your online store must include the basic features you’ll need in today’s business world. This also will ensure that your best ideas and marketing strategies succeed and your store stands out.

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