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6 Ways Retailers Can Effectively Advertise In-Store

It is easy to forget that a place on the high street is not only a venue for sales but also one for advertising. As customers come and go, they should leave with both their chosen products and improved knowledge about a brand, whether awareness of upcoming sales or new information regarding a retailer’s mission. If a brick and mortar shop does not aim to achieve this then it is falling short of its potential.

There are a number of ways in which brand information can be communicated in-store and, today, we’re sharing six of the most effective. So, if you’re not already confident in how your shop space is advertising to customers, we have the tips for you!


Pop-up retail and in-store events are a fantastic way to advertise a product. In addition to creating a significant buzz about a certain service or product, events also draw in new customers, encourage brand interaction, and typically offer a face-to-face opportunity for interaction with customers whereby information regarding sales, product features, and brand values can be effectively communicated with sales representatives.

Window Displays

Typically the only part of a shop space that reaches those passing by, window displays are crucial design considerations for retailers as a way to draw in both returning customers and those new to a brand. While there are a number of ways in which they can be cultivated to communicate information, they perform best when establishing a brand aesthetic and value. Steer away from the written word and communicate, instead, with colour and flair.


Well-designed and appropriately placed signs, especially those placed on high-quality stand offs, continue to be celebrated by retailers for their flexible and affordable potential. Posters and information placards can be designed, produced, displayed, and replaced simply and quickly. For those retailers with regular sales or events, they remain indispensable.

Hero Products

Dedicating a part of your shop space to a single product promotes it above others. Such a product could be emblematic of a new range or in-store sale, and does not necessarily need to be a hero or new item. Elevating it or placing it separately from other stock will also increase sales too.

Staff Expertise

Having friendly staff members and sales representatives interact with customers is a remarkable way to channel brand values and ensure that customers leave with a positive impression of the business. One of the most effective ways in which to make such a positive impression is to demonstrate expertise, offering a form of free value to customers who will respect the shared knowledge and come to associate the brand with an assured understanding and quality of product.

Shop Layout

The way in which your products are displayed, as well as the organisation of your retail furniture, affects customer understanding. By designing routes for browsing, as well as emphasising the placement of certain products with positioning and lighting, a shop space becomes a canvas upon which retailers must steer customer attention. With the right design, retailers will be able to more generally assure customers browse at certain paces, scrutinise certain products, and even make particular choices!

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