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7 Helpful Tips to Avoid Scams When Buying Second Hand Cars

A lot of people are now purchasing used cars all over the world and if you actually try finding out the reason, it is quite simple. The price is way too cheaper and a lot of the used cars that are sold in the current days are pretty new. When there is that much demand for used cars, the threat of getting cheated is very high. People have to be very watchful when they purchase the cars online. Of course, there are a lot of good professional dealers that sell second hand cars in Mumbai online. People have to be really very careful with picking the right dealer.

Here are some tips to help you avoid used car scams.

  • Before confirming the authenticity of the dealer, never do any bank transfers to the dealer’s account.
  • Never ever purchase a car from a dealer who is not actually willing to have a face-to-face meeting with you.
  • Do not get into the problem of purchasing a used car that is not well tested or properly inspected by a professional mechanic. Having a proper and genuine vehicle history is a mandate. This way, you can easily understand if the car is actually worth buying. Here again, a lot of dealers will play smart by producing fake documents, so be watchful of that.
  • Do not blindly trust any of the sellers that promise that transaction is guaranteed by online portals like Secure Pay or any popular online platform. Once you fall into this trap, you will never be able to recover your money.
  • Be extremely cautious of those sellers that wish to close off the deal and finish the transaction process as fast as possible. All the big scammers will love getting their money as early as possible so that they can move elsewhere and cheat another group of people.
  • In case you come across an online car seller, then make sure that you are establishing a contact with him via phone and then go and meet him in person at least 3 to 4 times. If the seller fails to meet you, then you can count him as a fraudster.

Always be extremely cautious whenever you deal with dealers online.


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