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Creating Better Outcomes With Kevin Modany: Key Attributes for Executive Consultant Advisory Roles

As the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners in Carmel, IN, Kevin Modany has utilized years of industry experience to help leverage his skills as an executive consultant and strategy leader. As an executive consultancy expert, Kevin Modany is relied upon to help his clients transition as they overcome one hurdle after the other.

Executive consultancy is a rapidly growing field and one that Kevin Modany is excited to share details about. Sitting down with Market Business News, Kevin Modany relayed a few core insights on his career and what others should do if they seek to follow in his footsteps.

Understanding the Job

Kevin Modany suggests that data-driven decisions are playing an increasingly important role in the day-to-day operations of businesses around the world. Pushed on by the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses opted to transition into a more digitized version of themselves, often using executive consultants to help during this transitory period.

Successful executive consultants work closely with leaders in the company to strategize, streamline, and improve the overall operations of a business. Executive consultants are typically multi-faceted professionals with skills that they’ve curated from a variety of backgrounds.

Kevin Modany also suggests that the work of an executive consultant is only going to grow increasingly important in the coming years. Pointing to studies that show the effectiveness of decreasing costs while streamlining productivity, Modany emphasized the role that consultants play in the process.

Functions of a Professional Executive Consultant

Executive consultants remain engaged with businesses throughout just about every phase of their operations. Modany will typically advise executives on a number of business topics, typically resulting in a focus on one of seven subjects. In addition to these subjects, Modany suggests that all consultants be skilled in soft skills so that they can connect with people appropriately.

  1. SWOT Analysis – Details the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of a business.
  2. Data Analysis – Interpret data to enhance operational efficiencies.
  3. Strategic Guidance – Work closely with executives to provide structural guidance for the restructuring of organizational programs.
  4. Familiarize Workers – Connect employees and leadership together in the middle by offering guidance and clarification to enhance worker performance.
  5. Expert Assistance – Work alongside experts to implement strategic planning.
  6. Generate Reports – These reports go over studies and surveys and must be properly read for them to be actionable.
  7. Corporate Mergers – Finally, an executive consultant can be relied upon to assist in the planning of an upcoming corporate merger.

Skilled executive consultants remain in high demand due to the impact that they can have on a business. Kevin Modany believes that the best executive consultants can make a tangible difference to the businesses they operate alongside, proving themselves to be the creme de la creme of the entire industry.

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