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Do I Need a Will? Experts Weigh In

Everyone dies.  Now that we’ve gotten that harsh revelation out of the way let’s proceed to answering the question presented: Do I need a will?  The answer to this question 99% of the time will be “yes”.  That 1% isn’t referring to people who will live forever, but those who have already gotten a revocable trust or intend to get one for their family.  Even then, wills can be used to stipulate specific items of the deceased to be transferred to particular individuals or entities.  But back to the question, yes, you will most-likely require a will.

Wills are what addresses who will receive your property in the event of your death.  Without a will you are leaving it up to the state to decide these things.  It also puts an extreme burden on those around you to handle your affairs when they are in a state of shock and mourning.  A lot of families in this position will have to do without financial assistance as the estate goes into probate, which in many cases is lengthy.  This is why it is important to create a will that will help guide that process and speed up the conclusion.

The good thing about a will is that it is a simple legal document.  Online legal resources can be used quickly to produce a will that will hold up under a court of law.  Simple buy and download a form or wizard, fill it out, notarize it and you’ve potentially saved your family countless hours.

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