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Email Marketing: What works for Flows works for Campaigns?

For an ecommerce email marketing agency, the difference between flows and campaigns  is pretty clear, but for all of us mortals it might be harder to understand, that’s why we did some research to help you understand the difference between Flows and Campaigns and if the strategy implemented for one works for the other.

A Campaign is a one-time email sent to a determined audience or segment.It  is manually scheduled to be sent at a specific time based on a specific strategy: Sales, promotions, educational blog content or product launches.

A Flow on the other hand, is an automated email series that triggers on a specific action that might include one or more steps. These are usually a sequence of email messages that hit customers at the right time with the right message, a great example of flows with high revenue are the Welcome flow and the Abandon Cart flow.

Then… Should my strategy be different for each of them?

YES, as mentioned before, Campaigns and Flows have different purposes and are used on different steps on the Customer Journey, the reason why your Flow strategy should be more focused on the Customer Journey than your campaigns is because flow emails are triggered on specific actions such as: joined a list (newsletter), checkout started, added to cart, placed order and more.

The content of these automated emails should be tailored to the specific step in which your customer is. For example, if your customer just placed an order then you should send them a thank you email and something to avoid purchase remorse. On the other hand the customer abandoned checkout, this means they were pretty close to buy but something happened and they might just need a small push to complete the purchase such as a discount, customer reviews or guarantee reassurance.

Campaigns can be sent at any time that your company or brand requires as a Newsletter, Promo email or Educational Blog promotion – it’ll all depend on your marketing strategy and what you want to communicate to your subscribers.

Whether you’re sending flow emails or campaigns, keep in mind that the content should always be aligned with your brand guidelines, also the Subject Lines are as important as the inside of the email cause is the card of presentation to get their attention and make them open your email. If you have no idea how to come up with good catchy subject lines you can always take a look into these 200+ Great Email Subject Lines For Ecommerce Stores That Work For All Flows & Campaigns to get inspired, hook your audience and engage!

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