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Evan Rubinson Describes the One Trait All Employers Should Look For in a New Hire 

If you are an entrepreneur like Evan Rubinson, one of the hardest things that you have to do is hire new employees. You may find yourself contemplating everything that you are looking for in a new employee, and that can be overwhelming. As such, Mr. Rubinson wants to make things a little easier for you by explaining the one trait that all employers should be looking for in a new hire, and why this one trait is so important to consider when hiring.

Evan Rubinson knows how important hiring the right individual for your company is. He is the CEO of ERA Music Brands, and he too has been in the position where he has had to hire employees. Hiring the right employee can help increase productivity, boost the company’s morale, and help avoid the costly expense of having high employee turnover. While many companies look for things such as education and job experience, Mr. Rubinson implores you to consider when trait that may be more important than all of these things combined; emotional intelligence, also referred to as EQ.

Emotional intelligence allows an individual to understand human psychology and behavior. Having a high emotional intelligence allows your employees to recognize feelings within themselves and within others. It makes it easier for these people to understand what your customers are looking for and how they can deliver that to your customers. It also makes it easier for your employees to recognize how to get along with their managers and other employees, making for a better and more productive workplace environment. Mr. Rubinson explains that having the smartest guy on your team does you no good if they do not understand how customers are feeling, know how to relate to customers and know how to provide customers with the overall experience that they are looking for.

Evan Rubinson cautions companies to take their time and to really hone in on searching for employees who have high emotional intelligence. He states that one of the most common mistakes companies make is mistaking a smooth talker or a liar for someone who is highly intelligent. Trust your instincts and look for individuals you feel are trustworthy and honest. After all, if you feel that they are trustworthy and honest, there is a good chance your customers will also feel that same way.

Evan Rubinson states that his father taught him the importance of hiring individuals with a high emotional intelligence. He feels that this is a key to his success when it comes to hiring, and as such, he wants to share this tip with every other company out there. While there are many traits that you can focus on when hiring, looking for employees who have a high emotional intelligence can pay off in a big way for your company.

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