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Evan Rubinson Keeps ERA Brands Flexible and Agile

Evan Rubinson knows the path to success isn’t always a straight one. In his work in different industries, he has adapted to twists and turns in his life and in his businesses. And right now, he believes the most important piece of flexibility at his music conglomerate is meeting the needs of employees in the workplace. He is embracing sometimes unconventional ways about when people work, how people work, and where they work. The 9-to-5 clock punching work lifestyle doesn’t bring out the best in every employee. He believes his management style must adapt to individual employees.

Evan Rubinson finished his studies at Duke University and headed to Wall Street beginning a career path in finance. He was running his own hedge fund when his father was diagnosed with malignant cancer. His Dad asked him to move South and take over the family’s musical instrument company. He made the decision to shutter the hedge fund and grant his father’s wish. And he says the move from money to music showed him how employees in different industries and different positions operate very differently and need individualized input from management to produce at their highest levels.

The decisions Evan Rubinson made before and after his father’s death, and the paths he has taken haven’t looked like a traditional career trajectory. But he says carrying on his father’s legacy was more important than running his own hedge fund and that the best personal decisions don’t always look like the best business decisions on paper. He believes that the flexibility he has allowed himself is the same flexibility he and his management team should show to others. And that learning and understanding each piece of his companies has been the ultimate tool for developing flexibility and agility.

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