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Five Office Hoteling Etiquettes Which You Must Follow

Today companies have adapted so many methodologies to make their employees’ productivity skyrocket. One such methodology is Office Hoteling. Office Hoteling is a practice which is carried out at your offices or workplace where an individual or a team of individuals can book the resources of the offices for a particular period of time. In that particular period of time, the rest of the staff is asked to do their work without using any of the resources which have been claimed by that particular team. 

After their time period is over, another team can book those resources as per their requirement. Resources can either be as big as a conference room or as small as a desktop table, it totally depends on what the office can offer and what the employees need. However, there are some guidelines which are laid out to ensure the proper and smooth functioning of this arrangement which are referred as Office Hoteling Etiquettes. These etiquettes are simple rules which one must adhere to prove that they care about their office, their rules and their reputations. Now that you are aware of what office hoteling is, you must know about the etiquettes that must be followed when office hoteling is an option at your workplace.

Do Not Book The Service Unnecessarily

Understand that office hoteling has been introduced in your office because your bosses were smart enough to figure out what their employees expected from them. However, if you choose to exploit this by booking this arrangement for yourself without making much use out of it then it is highly unethical and will eventually land you in a big trouble. The office politicians will not be kind enough with your behavior and you will deserve what comes at you because of what you have done.

Clean The Space After Using It

Once you are done with your business in the space offered to you, make sure you clean it properly.  It is one of the most important office hoteling etiquettes which must be followed no matter what your hurry is. When you choose to clean the space that you have used you express your gratitude towards the company and respect towards the next person who would be using it. These are the little things that matter a lot and can either build or break your reputation.

Respect Privacy of Others

If you are always running around the hoteling workspace despite it being booked by someone else, it shows how inconsiderate you are of their privacy. Does it feel good to get your screens stared at by someone who has nothing to do with what you are doing? No, right? Then why subject others to the same behavior that you would hate for yourself. Please be smart enough to not breach other’s privacy because it might happen that somebody does the same thing to you. Privacy is important and you should not make any excuse to violate the privacy of others. Do nor defeat the purpose of setting up office hoteling by ignoring boundaries.

Be Careful With The Noise

Even though it might not be intentional, but having something constantly buzzing around our ears is definitely an unpleasant feeling. When you or someone from your team books the office hoteling resources for themselves, you would like complete silence so that you can work with more focus. However, if you do not do the same for others then it would be a bit hypocritical, won’t it? So, please make sure that nobody makes noise when the office hoteling space is being used by someone.

Do Not Overuse The Office Hoteling Feature

The world is full of cynical people who are always looking for opportunities to make things better for themselves and worse for the other guy. If someone in your office is one of that lot, then please educate them about how overusing or overstaying at the office hoteling space is not going to help them get in the good books of the boss. Instead, they can act like a sensitive person and leave the space after cleaning it up once they are done with their job.

Importance of Office Hoteling

The importance of office hoteling lies in the fact that employees get the freedom to work in an environment they deem best for themselves. The Office hoteling pros and cons play a huge role in determining its importance. The cons being the limitedness of resources, the looming possibility of conflict among employees over sharing of workspace and the politics which might harm the overall productivity of the organization. The pros are that the employees get a better work environment, the resources are used judiciously and it is cost efficient. Therefore, office hoteling is a great way to work in a limited space with limited resources despite the risks involved.

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