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Guide to Movavi Mac Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is a basic Mac compatible photo editor designed to be used for doing simple photo editing tasks. Some of the image editing tasks you can perform with Movavi Photo Editor for Mac are remove background, remove unwanted objects in photo, and sharpening an image, and basic image enhancement.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is suitable to be used for editing photos for business use. Every small business owner should be getting a basic photo editing software since they will find themselves having the need to edit some photos for their business uses from time to time. Hiring people to edit the photos can be expensive and you can cut down this cost by editing the photo yourself.

The photo editing tools are grouped together in an organized way under the appropriate tabs on the right side. If you want to remove some unwanted elements in the photo, you simply click on Object Removal. There are only a few steps to using the Object Removal tool. The first step is to drag the image file that you want to edit into the work area. You can open multiple image files at one time for convenient editing.

You can also click on the Browse for Images button to open the images. Next, you must select the Object Removal tab which is the last second tab on the right side bar. Now, you must select the items that you want to erase in the photo and this can be done by using the brush tool under Selection Tools. You can use the Lasso tool if you need help in selecting the unwanted object.

When you have selected the unwanted element, you can use the Start Erasing feature to erase away the object. If you see some distortions on the area where the unwanted element is erased, you can use the Stamp tool to rectify it. You must first select the Stamp tool and then click on a nearby area to clone the pattern before applying it on the spot where the object is erased.

If you have a blurry photo, you can make it look sharper with more details in the Mac Photo Editor. This feature can be found in Magic Enhance under the Adjust tab to the right. You will see that there is a sharpness toggle at the bottom which you must drag to increase the sharpness of the photo. The further you drag the sharpness toggle, the clearer and the more detailed the photo will be.

You can add text onto the photo and you will be able to add styles to the text by rotating it. You can adjust the text rotation by entering a value. You can apply all the basic edits on the text for example alignment, text size, font style, font color and opacity.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is available as a trial version for you to test out all the image editing functions. There are some limitations on the trial version for example it caps on the number of image you can edit.

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