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Here are some Strategies to Attract Passive Talent

The ability to entice passive talent can be the distinction between employing the very best talent in your sector and losing them to your competitors. There are many strategies, the brands pay heed to hire in order to attract potential candidates which is also cost effective and successful than the conventional recruitment methods. Our marketing rh has listed some of these strategies for you.

  1. Stay active and communicate online

Researching a company will surely lead passive talent to your social media profiles and their associated activities. Make some effort to stay in touch with the professionals on social networks which helps in illustrating your commitment to the brand to your industry. It also helps in building awareness, influence, and perceived expertise. All these attractive qualities attract the potential candidates. Asking relevant questions to empower feedback, helping them with the queries and getting involved in forums will showcase that your brand invests some time in educating and assisting others.

  1. Empower employee referrals and advocacy

Enabling and empowering employees to contribute to your strategy is also effective. Not only word of mouth and personal recommendations are powerful, but they are cost effective too. Employee referral programs help in encouraging your workforce to convey your brand message and support a career at your company. Making sure that your employees are busy and treated well by the business helps in improving the referrals on its own. A happy and enthusiastic employee will share their experiences with the social network which is also good in the long run.

  1. Flex your expertise

Showcasing your brand expertise and of your employees as well will empower talent who are seeking to work for the industry leaders. Those applicants seeking for the next challenge to expand their career will seek the companies that showcase their expertise via the content they share and interact with their followers.

  1. Follow and engage with your target talent

After the identification of your target audience, you can target particular channels as a part of your recruitment strategy. Answering relevant questions and providing advice helps in building influence and trust with talent and attract them to your brand. This kind of engagement helps in building rapport, lets you assess their expertise and leaves an impression of their personality.

  1. Maintain a useful and relevant company blog

Making sure that you have a relevant and fully updated company blog proves that you have interest in industry news and trends. Writing about topical stuff will keep the website up to date and increase the engagement from the audience. A company blog will also increase the number of web searches increasing influence and brand awareness.

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