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Here’s Why You Need Tempered Glass Screen Protector For Your Device!

No matter whether your expensive phone is designed with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 or not, you have to consider getting that extra layer on the top. The display of your phone is prone to damage and scratches, which can be avoided with screen protectors. If you check the market, you will find the choice of plastic screen protectors and tempered glass, and the latter is a much better choice. Here’s what you must know about tempered glass protectors.

The basics

Tempered glass protectors are created by heating the glass and cooling it rapidly with the help of blowers. One of the surfaces gets cooled faster than the other, which makes the glass extremely strong. In short, if you are looking for iphone 6 screen protector, a tempered glass option is way better than regular plastic covers.  The whole process of tempering the glass is about increasing its strength, which helps in reducing damage to the phone screen.

The advantages

  • Of course, the first benefit of tempered glass protectors is durability. Some of the protectors come with extreme hardness, which ensure that screens are protected against normal scratching and damages that are pretty common when the phone is placed in a bag or pocket. If you end up dropping the phone by mistake, the tempered glass would be able to absorb the shock. It may shatter into small pieces, but the display will remain intact.


  • Tempered glass looks way better than plastic covers, if feel and overall look is what you seek. Apart from the technical jargon, tempered glasses work better in all respects, and you will be able to remove the fingerprint impressions pretty easily. A normal scratch guard cover feels just like plastic, without any kind of premium feeling.
  • Tempered glass protectors often come with an oleophobic coating, which makes them resistant to finger prints. If there are any scratches on the screen or finger prints, you can clean it up easily with an handkerchief. Also, the outdoor visibility is always better with such protectors than plastic covers. If you are looking at better outdoor visibility, make sure to go for the matte ones.


In short, tempered glass protectors are great for both budget and expensive devices. It is quite safe and if you apply pressure to the screen, the glass will break but the device will hardly have any impact. Just make sure that you choose the right protector from the right store. There are some amazing online options that are easy on the pocket. Since you have invested heavily in your device, it makes sense to buy a better protector for the same. Also, you can expect to get good offers on the web. Just don’t compromise on the quality of the screen guard for a few dollars. Some stores may give a special discount if you buy a bunch of covers together. After a while, you might want to replace the current one, and that’s when these offers make more sense. Check online right away!

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