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Important Tips for CBSE JEE Students for the Day Before the Exam

Often with a wish to prepare for the entrance exam of JEE mains students start early. This creates a lot of confusion and dilemma regarding the preparation. The time just before the exam become stressful and  it seems that one is not able to get through with a fresh or prepared mind. It is all about being ready mentally that matters the most. If you too are one who is looking forward to CBSE JEE mains then this article is for you to understand what needs to be done to reduce stress and maintain positive mindset.

Following are some of the simple tips that you need to apply:

If you already have a study plan then good for you. If you do not have any plan then ensure that your plan is not complex.

All the major subjects or topics should be on top of your list. These topics should be the ones where you should begin by revising first. Then start keeping a record of what you have already covered.

  • First thing that you need to quickly revise topics done well.
  • Second thing that you need to do is choose to deal with subjects that you are already confident about.
  • Third important thing is breaking up subjects into chunks for easy revision. Your target is to have as many three-ticks as possible before the exam.

On waking up before the big day of CBSE JEE mains you should decide what is your target for the given day. If you are yet to plan it out then the best approach is not taking more than 2 minutes to decide what you want to get started with first. Make a target for 25 minutes of reading or revision for a given subject or topic. These would act as small slots for studying well.

Now that you have a dedicated pattern for studies, another thing that you would need to do is follow some simple tricks:

  • Taking a scheduled break every 40 minutes is essential. Stretching is good for removing muscular tension while you are on your break.
  • Maintain a sleep pattern that would include stop studying 30 minutes prior to sleeping. Try to relax during this time without thinking about studies to relax your mind completely. Relax each of your limps and let yourself release all the muscular tension.
  • Focus on positive thoughts and positive affirmations that will help you become positive. You should be able to reaffirm positive thoughts in your minds that will help gain confidence.
  • Avoid taking caffeine before bed time, taking caffeine ensure that you keep awake all night. Only take it if absolutely necessary. Remember, it reduces you brain capacity and your grasping capacity will be low the next day. It is better to replace it with green tea or lemon water.
  • Avoiding unnecessary activities like indulging in gaming or social media. Wasting time in chit-chat with others about studies should be avoided. These things are only energy wasting and time consuming.
  • If you want to relax then it is better that you should instead listen to relaxing music and meditate.

 These are some of the essential rules that you need to follow for a better mind set before your exam. It is all about keeping your mind fresh. Your preparation and your approach will result in good outcome for the exams. This would be able to pave a way to success and look forward towards a better future with full confidence in your abilities.

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