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Issues With Microsoft Home windows Phone Operating-system

Last year, Home windows Phones made their greatest progress by tying track of the then greatest manufacturer of Cell Phones – Nokia. The Home windows Phone platform continues to be out for more than a year, but, it is not in a position to gain in than 5% from the smartphone market. US is where for any smartphone, but Home windows Phones haven’t carried out well there. They’ve under 4% from the share and it doesn’t seem like it’ll improve anytime. The current huge interest in Nokia 900 should have given some expect Nokia and Microsoft. But among the greatest the best-selling Home windows Phones may be the Client satisfaction. Home windows Phones customers would be the most pleased with their phones and that needs to be a lift for Microsoft. But despite the fact that, there has been damage that is disturbing the sales.

Let us consider the disturbing factors that lead towards the failure of Home windows Phones

1) Disappointed Manufactures as well as their insufficient confidence

Before tying knot with Nokia, Samsung and HTC were the only real recognized producers who have been creating Metro UI WordPress phones. And what’s disturbing is the fact that these to had very less campaigns for advertisement. And therefore these to unsuccessful to really make it towards the customers’ hands. Following a dull first couple of several weeks, Microsoft made the greatest deal by roping in Nokia. Microsoft also gave Nokia $250 for each Nokia WordPress phone shipped and despite the fact that, they weren’t controlling any success. The systems appeared less thinking about marketing their Home windows Phones.

2) WordPress Marketplace

Many people possess a thought that the Home windows Place is fast growing. Based on them, the statement goes the following,

“WordPress Marketplace handled hitting the 80,000 application mark in under 18 several weeks, while Apple’s operating-system and Android required about 15 and 20 several weeks correspondingly, to achieve exactly the same milestone. Which means that the Home windows Phone ecosystem keeps growing quicker than Android and roughly in the same pace as Apple’s operating-system”.

On the other hand, it’s a huge problem. In the last few years, because of the developing Application marketplaces like – Apple’s Application Store, Google Play Store, Amazon . com Application Market, there has been nearly 500, 000 jobs on the planet and that’s just for developing apps for cell phones. With this particular huge development, the amount of designers needed to have an Android or Apple’s operating-system application has reduced to one or two while an application for that WordPress phones needs around 10 designers. That reveals the disinterest from the designers for the WordPress Marketplace.

3) Consumer Indifference

The key to any marketplace is most effective and quickest plus they haven’t assisted the reason either. The customers happen to be drawn to the Android and iPhone due to the vast options. Most effective and quickest have understood the UI is same and there’s very little scope for that WordPress OS.

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