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Just How Much Does an E-Commerce Website Cost?

Just how much does an e-commerce website cost?

This can be a question that lots of companies ask us as people just don’t know the expense connected with obtaining a website setup, designed, tweaked, tested and running easily.

A website is dependant on the next criteria being carried out:

planning and research

establishing a brief and spec for that outline/map from the site

obtaining the site made with good copy

obtaining the products/products around the website (photos etc.)

obtaining a payment gateway setup (sagepay/paypal etc.)

obtaining the site tested



As you can tell there’s a great deal associated with obtaining a site setup, certainly if you would like the website setup correctly and easily. Visitors hate going onto a brand new site that appears good, but things fail to work, you will find spelling mistakes, pictures don’t load, payments don’t undergo etc. Many of these situations are taken care of inside a testing area when the site is to establish – and as with great things, may take a little time if you would like it done correctly.

It is usually advised to obtain a site setup correctly instead of a rushed botch job which can be shelved for another thing in a later point – as it doesn’t help much your logo and can harm client loyalty within the lengthy term.

Another factor that effects the price of a website is the amount of pages which are setup because this calls for more work and usually push the expense up.

E-commerce websites could be setup for less than £2,000 however as above, if you are planning to obtain a site setup, it might be best to make it happen correctly and therefore, you may want to pay a bit more. An acceptable cost to pay for could be £10,000 upwards (upwards being a few of the well-known sites for example amazon . com, e-bay which may be right at the very top finish from the prices scale).

It is usually advised to speak to a couple of different website designers to obtain ideas and options together. Evaluating different design options and costs is usually a good factor and in this way, for this reason cost comparison sites are extremely popular nowadays.

If you are looking to know about e commerce website cost then you can get in touch with Media One Marketing to know the details about cost for service rendered. It needs to be understood that there are different types of websites that one can get designed.

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