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Large Format Scanning Services- Why Hire a Professional Firm?

Scanning and printing services are generally required in many different industries. Architects and engineers usually need the help of professional printing and scanning firms in order to transfer virtual models onto paper. Blueprints are usually printed on very large paper sizes. Important documents such as the blueprints of a building, the architect’s plans, and layered charts are all printed on large format paper. Using a small, A4 sized paper isn’t enough, because many blueprints and architect’s plans are highly specific. Even a difference of a few millimetres could potentially cause a major difference in the actual project.

Computer aided drawings and other documents that need to be printed on large format paper (such as A0, A1, A2 and A3 format sized paper). Most engineering and architecture firms generally hire companies such as Paper-Escape in order to help them with scanning and printing services. The average printer is only capable of printing documents on A4 sized paper. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional firm for all your large format scanning and printing services:

Scanning services

Better Reproduction

Scanning large sized documents isn’t easy. Most blueprints and architectural plans are generally printed on large sized paper that is spread on a massive table. Obviously, scanning such a massive document requires you to use specialised equipment designed primarily for custom scanning. Rather than go through the hassle of buying such expensive machinery, you can just outsource you scanning services.

Scanning large sized documents

The pictures will be scanned using high-quality equipment and the reproductions will be much better than what you will get in-house. Most companies will generally send a representative to collect all of the documents from your offices, scan them, and return them within a short span of time. If you want high quality, clear documents (which are essential in an engineering or architectural firm), then you should consider hiring a professional scanning firm for the job. Most companies provide high-quality picture reproduction, with the resolution going as high as 600 dpi.

the reproductions

Focus On the Job

You don’t need to worry about where you will keep all the paper or where you will store all the documents. Currently, the paper industry is in a rapid decline as more and more people move towards digital representations. You can easily get all of your company’s blueprints and plans scanned and turn them into digital copies that you can access from anywhere.

Focus On the Job

Rather than assigning an employee to focus solely on printing and scanning documents, you can focus on the work for your clients if you have a professional firm working on these tasks for you. Most professional printing and scanning companies generally provide decent discounts to their frequent customers. It might be more affordable for you to outsource the scanning and printing services to another company. You can then focus on the job at hand, without having to worry about how to scan large documents. All you have to do is provide a list of your requirements and the printing firm will get the job done!

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