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Ryan Kavanaugh’s Triller Fight Club is Pure Cinema

Triller Fight Club is managed by Ryan Kavanaugh and Bobby Sarnevesht, co-founders of Triller, a music-based video-sharing social network that also operates a combat sports league. A combination of music and combat sports, Triller Fight Club combines two of the 17-to-27-year-old demographic’s preferred pastimes: Kavanaugh and Sarnevesht refer to this as the “culture-graphic.” Snoop Dogg is mentioned as one of the company’s co-founders on the company’s website.

At this weekend’s TrillerVerz III event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, spectators will not only get a view into the future of the Triller Fight Club, but they will also get a glimpse into co-owner Ryan Kavanaugh’s vision for the future of entertainment aimed toward younger people.

Triller Fight Club

Triller Fight Club’s initial match, between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020, earned a million views on pay-per-view cable television after being put together and promoted on pay-per-view cable television. Other fights on the card featured a match between former NBA slam-dunk champion Nate Robinson and YouTuber-turned-fighter Jake Paul, in addition to the two boxing luminaries. In between fights, Lil Wayne, a five-time Grammy Award winner, Wiz Khalifa, and French Montana put on musical acts for the audience to enjoy.

The TrillerVerz multi-day festivities include a rap fight, which takes place on the second day. It will be a two-day event including up-and-coming New York boxers, a musical performance by DJ Super Cat & Friends, and a final rap battle between hip-hop veterans Big Daddy Kane and KRS-ONE as the grand finale.

Revamping An Outdated Sport

As Ryan Kavanaugh recently stated in an interview, Triller has statistics showing that young people between the ages of 17 and 27 have a strong interest in boxing and talk about it online, but they aren’t watching it since the sport hasn’t progressed – or altered the way it appears – in decades. In his words, “Boxing is attempting to sell these youngsters their father’s Oldsmobile.” It is said by the narrator that the children do not wish to drive their father’s Oldsmobile, but rather that they wish to drive a Ferrari instead.

Triller Fight Club seeks to revitalize the boxing industry by bringing in a well-known film producer who is well-known for his ability to develop visually beautiful items. Kavanaugh worked on the Mark Wahlberg film “The Fighter” for Relativity Media in 2010, and he claims to be using the same lighting and cinematography methods that he did on that film. “It’s like something out of a movie,” he remarked.

This weekend’s TrillerVerz event will feature intense competition that will be worthy of a championship belt. These are the kind of fights that will be featured at future Triller Fight Club events. In recognition of what the audience wants – competitive fights with compelling fighters blended with top-notch musical performances and jaw-dropping spectacle – Triller is certain that there is a better path forward. According to Triller, the fighters on the show this weekend will be among the contestants in the next day’s fight.

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