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Short Paycheck? Ways to Survive Until Next Pay

Not everyone has the convenience of being a salaried worker. There are some who rely on hourly pay to make ends meet. The fluctuations in their take-home pay and weekly schedule can sometimes make it difficult for them to pay the bills and survive financially until they’re paid again. One week, everything is fine and the next you were scheduled fewer hours or had to call out and now your pay is shorter than you budgeted. How in the world will you survive until the next pay period? Here are a few tips:

Buckle Down on Other Expenses

If your paycheck was short this week, you’re going to have to be really disciplined with your money to make it through. This means buckling down on other expenses. If you have to put your streaming subscriptions on hold, take lunch to work for the next week, carpool instead of driving your own car, or skipping out on your weekly shopping spree, then do so to survive.

Dip Into Savings

It is advised that everyone have an emergency savings account they can use in the midst of a financial emergency. This is an instance in which you have to pay for something that you can’t afford, but can’t hold off on resolving. A shorter than an expected paycheck would constitute as an emergency, so dipping into the account to survive the week may be a wise decision. Just make sure you budget to rebuild your savings later.

Borrow the Money

If you don’t have enough money to survive until your next pay period, you can always apply for quick cash loans online. The eligibility requirements are easy and if approved, you’ll have funds to use within one business day. You can use the money to get by and repay the loan in small monthly installments.

Rearrange Some Bills

If things are really tight you may need to juggle some things around to get through the week. If you have money set aside for a bill that’s due, contact the service provider and ask if you can pay at a later date. Depending on your reputation and reason, the service provider may agree to give you time to get back on your feet.

Do Some Cash Jobs

You might have to get your hands dirty if you’re going to make it until your next check. You can complete jobs for cash. You can babysit a friend’s kid, mow your neighbor’s lawn, run errands for an elderly person in your neighborhood, walk dogs, help someone move, and a host of other things. Put your talents to use and check the local classifieds or ask people you know if they’re in need of your help for cash.

When you work on an hourly salary, budgeting and surviving can be a rollercoaster. There will be some weeks when you’re able to get by without an issue and others where money is a tad bit short. Though ultimately, the best solution is to learn effective budgeting and to have an emergency savings account, if you’re in a jam right now, there are quick solutions you can turn to. Try the above tips and secure the cash you need to make it until your next paycheck.

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