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Three Business Situations that Require Hiring a CPA

Certified public accountants can help out at different stages during your business’ growth. They are capable of handling more than just your tax return and payroll. So when exactly should you hire a small business fort collins cpa?

You Need Help in Dealing with Challenges in Growing your Business

From company formation to business plan, government audit and loan application, O’Dell & Company accountants can make business life easier for you at every step.  Our CPAs can handle time-consuming tasks such as taxes. Aside from having the extra time you can use for generating revenue, you enjoy the peace of mind that the details are being taken care of by an expert.


You Need Advice on Business Planning

Our accountant can make use of accounting software for adding financial forecasts and other reports to it while you write your business plan. With this, you will be able to come with a realistic and professional business plan of which goals you can successfully achieve. Hiring our accountants at this early stage allows you to benefit from their financial knowledge and advice.

You Need Advice on Legal Structure

There are various kind of legal structures determined by some factors. A number might be called limited liability partnerships, corporations or limited companies, others could be proprietors or sole traders.  It is imperative to consider every kind of structure before you decide on the one which suits you. Our international tax accountant denver can explain the available legal business structure and help you in selecting the most suitable for you.


You Need Help with Finances

Doing small business accounting by yourself can make the process complicated. In case you feel that you are losing control of your financial position, our accountants can help you in getting back on track. Also, you probably will want to measure your major business metrics like ratio of salaries and other payments for employees to total revenue.   Our accountants can help in this aspect by managing your payroll and producing graphs to let you see the change of the ratio over time.

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