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Tips For Storing Custom Corrugated Boxes

Many people that have moved on from shopping for boxes to storage options know the importance of storing custom corrugated boxes properly. Boxes that are meant for storage often don’t fit well, don’t fit in with other items or take up more space than needed. There are many storage solutions available to home owners and business owners for this purpose but here are some guidelines to follow when looking for the right one. Most of these tips will apply to standard boxes, not those designed specifically for storage. This should give you a good idea of how to shop for the box that is best for you.

One thing to keep in mind for boxes management is the size. Storage boxes come in different sizes. Small boxes, which may be used for just an item or two, can fit into a standard size hamper, while larger ones can be stored in a standard cube storage or larger storage solution. In either case, make sure you measure the contents before purchasing a box. It would be extremely frustrating to buy a large box and discover that it does not fit where you had planned.

The next step is sorting your items. For items that are not moving, like furniture, you can put them in sorted piles. For items that you will be moving, like boxes, you should stack them on their sides in order of size. This will make it easier to fit the boxes into the space you have. It is also important to remember to put the smaller boxes at the bottom so they do not accumulate at the top.

When you are ready to unpack the boxes, make certain that you have space in front of each box. Use heavy duty tape to cover any joints and corners as you unfold the box. Be sure to place the tape where you plan to later locate your storage bins. It would be very difficult to find boxes and move them later if you have done it wrong the first time. Once you have sorted your items, you should tape the edges so they do not get caught up in the packaging.

After you have sorted and opened your boxes, it is important to clean them. Most people think that cleaning corrugated boxes means using soap and water, but there is actually another way to do it. You may want to use cornstarch to help remove the dirt from your boxes. Cornstarch is made with cornmeal, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to dish washing detergent.

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