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Types Moving Estimates – Which One Is the Best

What is a moving estimate?

When you’re about to hire a professional mover, you consider all of the necessary factors to determine whether the mover is good or not. Price is one of the essential factors that must be taken into account. Even though the price depends on the quality of the service provided by a mover, every professional moving company in Toronto will give a moving quotes Toronto or estimate in the beginning. A moving quote or an estimate is just an accurate idea of the cost required to complete the whole shifting process. Instead of receiving an unexpected bill on the final day, the customer can get the estimation in the beginning. Everything is fixed and stated in the beginning but if you want to make any changes or adjustments, the final cost can be modified accordingly.

Types of Moving Estimates

Binding moving estimate: In a binding moving estimate, the mover will guarantee a fixed cost that you have to pay as per the approximate total weight of the items. Once the customer agrees to pay according to the binding estimate, the mover can’t make any changes in the cost further. It is beneficial as if the weight of the items exceeds later you’ll have to pay the same amount that was fixed earlier. But, if the total weight comes out to be less than what was fixed, you’ll still pay the same amount. It’s not like you can add other items to the list, in this case, the mover will create a new binding estimate for you.

Non-binding estimate: A mover that offers a non-binding moving estimate gives you the moving quote based on the weight of the items but it is not fixed. The mover can change the estimate if any changes in the weight of items are discovered later. There’s a chance that some cheap movers in Toronto or any other state may give you only this type of moving quote as you may have to pay more than you’ve expected. It often happens that a mover will give you a very low estimate in the beginning but the final bill is completely different from what was mentioned earlier. If the mover you’re about to hire gives you this type of estimate, consider it as a red flag.

Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate: Also called “guaranteed not-to-exceed”, this type of moving estimate is considered the best while finalizing a long-distance or an interstate move. When a customer selects the binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate, the mover can only charge as per the estimate given in the beginning even if the weight of the items exceeds, if the weight comes out less, the customer will still pay according to the weight and not a penny extra.

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