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What are the Causes of Roof Leakage?

Property owners often get anxious with the roof leakage, which stands to be a common problem among almost everyone that owns a real estate property. Age of the house, improper maintenance, extreme weather, constant rain or snowfall, and poor quality roof materials are somehow responsible for the roof leakages.

Here, we will be informing more on the causes of roof leakage—

Insufficient and improper sealing of roof valleys

The V-Shaped valley where the slopes of the two roofs meet is the worst affected area from damps and water clogging if not sealed properly. Water or snow can get into that leaks causing to terrible damage to the overall roof if not created or maintained properly. Soprema waterproofing is your one-stop service which can help resisting the damps and water to penetrate the V-shaped roof valleys along with protecting the overall roof.

Attic condensation

Unplanned and insufficient ventilation in the attic often let the moisture from the floor to affect the overall room causing to serious damage to the roofs as well. The moisture is formed by the leaks in the roofs. You need to maintain the leaks in the attics to protect the bases.

Causes of Roof Leakage

Broken shingles

If you ever identify a broken shingle, call the professionals immediately to fix the leak by replacing the shingle or by repairing it along with applying a coat of waterproof base. Even through a single crack in the shingle, water starts leaking through the roof causing these serious damages.

Broken or cracked chimney

From the broken or cracked chimney, the roof can get affected terribly. When the mortar and the bricks around the chimney are broken, it allows water to enter through the leaks. If it is not maintained properly, it can start damaging the roof.

Ice Dams

Houses of extreme cold climate often face this serious issue. The snow accumulates on the rooftop and even after melting it enters the deepest corners and refreezes causing to serious damage to the roofs. Therefore, the roofs should have proper slopes and the gutters must be kept clean so that as the snow start melting, it can easily get withered from the roof. Also, by calling a professional roofer, the owner can waterproof the roof along with investing in the high end sealing.

Causes of Roof Leakage2

Many house owners don’t take proper care of their properties. This often leads to the damages of roofs along with other parts of the exteriors as well as the interiors of the property. Therefore, proper maintenance is necessary to avoid leakage issues on roofs.

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