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Why First Fidelity Reserve capable enough to Sponsor 2010 NRA Bianchi Cup?

First Fidelity Reserve is a coin company that was started in January 1988 in Beaumont, Texas. First Fidelity Reserve has served more than tens of thousands of rare coin collectors and investors by providing professional service, analysis, and consultation which lead them to the way of success. They provide their clients with market support with recommended coins and commitment to customer satisfaction.

First Fidelity Reserve is a leading provider of Bullion and Rare Coins. This company is known internationally for their knowledge of investing in collectible coins and serves as the Market Maker to tens of thousands of collectors and numismatic professionals in certified United States coins, such as Type II and Type III Liberty Double Eagles and the renowned Indian Head and $3.00 Princess designs of early 1900. They also deal with key date numismatic treasure in the gold, platinum and silver American Eagle family of coins. They also provide a variety of informative publications, newsletters, and other educational material on coin collecting.

Importance of maintaining a coin

There are methods in Rare Coin Collection to make certain that the coins are actually at the utmost quality. One of the key rules for coin collectors is to usually keep the coins in an appropriate covering so that the components won’t harm the coins due to friction. Loose coins are never recommended as they can get rub together and wear off the stamp. Another rule is never to wash the coins. Many people believe that just because a coin doesn’t have its luster, it really needs cleaning. The luster doesn’t actually matter almost like the quality of the coin.

Picking the coin with inappropriate equipment may lead to undesirable pits or spots on the coin. Breathing on the coin is not recommended as moisture from the breath may result in some discoloration of the coin. Rubbing the coins with a soft cloth may become used to clean but the most effective is not to clean the coins at all.

First Fidelity Reserve got a chance to expand their NRA sponsorship by becoming a major sponsor of the NRA National Action Pistol Championship, also known as the NRA Bianchi Cup, took place in Columbia, MO.

All the Practical Events of the NRA Bianchi Cup and all cash and prizes worth $15,000 were sponsored by First Fidelity Reserve. The CEO of First Fidelity Reserve said that among all the areas of NRA that they supported both locally and nationally, the shooting competitions are the most exciting and fun and he also felt proud that NRA asked them to sponsor the Bianchi Cup.

The NRA Bianchi Cup consists of four events: Practical, Barricade, Moving Target and Falling Plates. The main secret to winning the Championship is speed and accuracy. Each event has got 480 points, equaling a total of 1920 possible points. Action pistol competitors are permitted to use a two-handed grip, and they must start with their guns holstered.

The director of NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division said that The NRA Competitive Shooting Division is proud to welcome First Fidelity Reserve as a sponsor of the 2010 NRA Bianchi Cup and appreciated their dedication to the championships, competitive shooting sports and support to the 2010 NRA Bianchi Cup.

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