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Achieve intelligent insights with Signeasy usage reports


Personal and confidential data must be stored with tight security by all businesses. A wide variety of documents demand to be secured by employing safety and privacy rules, ranging from contracts to the personal information of customers and workers.

The secret to keeping documents private is pretty straightforward. Yet reliable solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing workflows make the job much easier.

eSignature technology is being increasingly used to simplify company procedures, as digitalization gains momentum in the SMB and mid-market. They are quick, and simple, and enable business handshakes.

Impact of eSignatures quantified

Decision-makers and purchasers across sectors seek to comprehend the ROI of eSignatures as they become a crucial component of company workflows. Additionally, evaluating eSignature solutions’ effect on workflows becomes essential to support investment, whether the user is a team leader or administrator. Teams also need to understand how they use those solutions and then gauge their effectiveness.

By giving information and insights into how teams utilize their eSignature service, Signeasy is constantly working to improve its admin experience. The ‘Usage Reports’ feature was created to assist teams in understanding usage patterns and the efficacy of Signeasy for them as part of the ongoing commitment to improving the product experience.

Reports on usage from Signeasy

As part of their complete services, Signeasy offers intelligent reporting tools and a comprehensive analytics dashboard. The ‘Usage Reports’ feature provides admins with a team-level overview of the overall volume of documents handled and individual-level usage statistics.

Administration-specific cumulative reports

The analytics dashboard for Signeasy varies for members and administrators and is very simple to read and use. The user can quickly download complete reports, nudge pending signers, and readily obtain insights for a chosen period.

Here are some effective metrics that Signeasy allows to monitor:

●       Document completion rates

Ever wondered how many documents the team requested signatures on, how many were accepted or rejected, or how many are still pending?

With Signeasy, one may access this data with a single click. Analyzing the change in document completion rate on a month-to-month basis may determine whether eSignature technology makes business operations quicker and more effective.

●       Average turnaround times

How much time does it typically take to sign and complete a document? Has the use of eSignatures significantly helped the team to cut down on this time since its introduction? Is this number steadily rising over time as the team gains experience with the tool? Has the eSignature tool improved the efficiency and smoothness of the company’s workflows?

The typical turnaround time might assist the company in determining whether the eSignature solution is a worthwhile investment or if other options are required.

●       A collection of signature requests

How many signature requests did the team send out during a specific period? Is this number changing over time, or is it staying the same? These data points can be key performance indicators for both teams and individuals.

●       Overall usage figures

Those mentioned above are some extremely targeted performance-related insights generated from the usage of eSignatures. An administrator will also require general data such as how frequently staff has utilized the eSign features in their everyday operations. This might assist in determining whether the company needs to look into more options or not.

●       Personalized reports

For administrators, Signeasy offers more than just tally reports. Individuals can also provide personalized insights to team members so they can follow the development of the document on a more closer level. A team can profit from some other insights, including

– How many requests for signatures have they already sent?

– Which ones have been signed (finished) the most?

– How many of these are pending or in the process?

– Who are the signers that still have pending signatures?

These data insights enable users to monitor document progress and ensure timely follow-ups to encourage pending signers to finish the document.

Create more intelligent reports using Signeasy

●       Obtain reports

Download the data in CSV format for offline access from the usage reports dashboard. These files can then be used to build bespoke reports and be added to dashboards for other tools that assess the general effectiveness of an organization.

●       Sort insights

Obtain customized reports and date-filter insights and take rapid actions such as choosing frequently used date ranges.


Over the past few years, digital transformation has progressed quickly across all industries. Adopting new tools or streamlining processes are just two aspects of digital transformation. Restoring the focus on customer experience and using technology to further that interest is a corporate transformation.

Companies that have not yet fully adopted digital transformation have a great opportunity to revolutionize a crucial aspect of their business—signing documents—by adopting a tool that puts the customer first, and eliminates the burden of signing important documents via the traditional pen and paper method, and makes the process mobile, user-friendly, secure, and quick.

Employees may quickly implement the flexible eSignature workflows provided by Signeasy into their organizations’ current frameworks, reinforcing the organization’s security in the process.

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