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New Small Factor In Mobile Technology – Femtocells

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Inside a lately carried out survey, it had been says many people switch their mobile phone providers not due to high listed call plans or poor customer services but due to poor network coverage in their homes where 27% to 47% of wireless minutes are spent. Technology like Wi-Fi to Voice over ip (Voice over internet protocol) happen to be brought to tackle poor network coverage inside homes. The very best technology for improvement of cell coverage is “FEMTOCELL”. The term “femto” denotes something one-quadrillionth how big confirmed unit, and comes from Danish or Norwegian word “femtenFemtocells are small mobile phone base stations made to be situated inside offices or homes. They behave as in-home wireless access points and employ high-speed internet connection instead of wireless network to route a phone call from the headset towards the carrier’s switching station where it’s forwarded to its destination. In simple language, Femtocell is really a handy device, which appears like a -router or modem able to sidestepping nearby towers and also the weak coverage they often provide. They will use a DSL/Cable link with backhaul traffic or perhaps in simple words they connect cellular systems through broadband lines for example digital customer line (DSL) or fiber towards the home (FTTH). Therefore, the objective of FEMTOCELL would be to provide cell phone customers a great and efficient network in areas from existing base stations. Service providers are busy searching for brand new techniques to locate a means to fix the ever growing demands from the customers for greater and extended coverages.

Compared to better-established technologies like Wi-Fi and WiMax which deliver high-speed internet access. Ray Smets, Vice-President marketing within the broadband solution group at Motorola stated that femtocells were getting the same quantity of energy when it comes to importance plus they appeared to be considered just like crucial as other wireless technologies which were being developed. Search giant Google, invested $20 million on Britain based femtocell startup Ubiquisys. Thomson, world’s biggest producer of DSL modems, collaborated with infrastructure maker Nokia Siemens Systems to build up femtocell gear. Netgear making Wi- Fi routers, co-founded Femto Forum mainly to advertise femtocell standards and programs. World leaders in technology, Motorola and world web search leader Google are the initial companies to sincerely focus on the advance of mobile coverage inside houses/structures. They’re trading tremendous sources for fast growth and development of femtocells. Lately, Motorola bought Startup Netopia to increase its femtocell efforts. The primary real question is why there’s an abrupt flurry of great interest on wireless technology like femtocell? Based on a working as a consultant ABI Research, by 2012, you will see greater than 150 million customers of femtocell items on 70 million access points worldwide. This is a huge growth of a technology that is in trails now. Femtocell technology can provide beginners for example Google, a large launch within the wireless market and will be offering competition to existing telecom providers for example AT&T and Vonage.

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